Thursday, September 27, 2007

Building Support

I attended the freshers fair at Hull University yesterday to assist the Conservative Future group there who give such support to the target seats locally. We had a really encouraging number of people sign up including a couple of students who are from the Brigg and Goole constituency.
I'm really managing to build a strong local team and having just done an analysis of the responses to my most recent local mailing it is clear that we have some real momentum. What is really encouraging is that lots of our new volunteers are local residents who may not wish to join the party but who want to give me a hand.
It's fair to say that the local association needed some support and in just a few months I have already built a strong local team of friends, family and residents that should dwarf any effort the local party has been able to make in the past. Roll on the election!
I hear that a local Labour Party fundraiser held recently barely managed to get 30-40 people to attend! Our recent Brigg and Wolds fundraiser managed nearly three times that and that was just one ward branch! Our growing base locally probably explains why Labour have resorted to personal abuse as a way of attacking me.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Riding Around in Goole

Cllr Caroline Fox and I are pictured volunteering at East Riding Council's 'Riding Around' event in Goole recently.
I had meant to put it on the blog last week but my little car accident rather delayed things. Anyways, I am mobile again from tomorrow with a new(er) car!
The 'Riding Around' event is a really good idea and seeks residents views in helping set the priorities of the local area. Conservative run East Riding Council's progressive approach can be contrasted with Labour run North Lincolnshire Council who prefer to take decisions without asking the public, as evidenced by their decision to scrap free parking in Brigg without ANY consultation with local people.
Poor Caroline wont like the fact the photo has her with her eyes closed. Who said politicians were blind to the wishes of the people.
I see we have no general election announced yet - yawn. Am I the only one getting really bored of all the election talk? Let's stop the messing and have one, then we can get some stability back.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Brigg Car Parking Petition off to a flyer!

We've had a ton of names in on our petition to save free parking in Brigg. We keep getting requests for more petitions - it's getting hard to keep up.

Labour have made a really big mistake deciding to put parking charges on in Brigg. They can offer no good reason for why they have decided to put the charges on. The local Labour MP did so much to help the Labour Councillors making this decision to win their seats in May, that local people will not be fooled by his pretense that he opposes the charges. One man in Brigg stopped me last week and said "I see the Labour MP is paying lip service to the car parking charges."

At least local people know that only the Conservatives really oppose scrapping the two hour free parking in Brigg.

Real Aid Flood Appeal

I have just been and handed over £200 for the Real Aid Flood Charity which is working closely with East Riding Council to help assist flood victims in the East Riding.

The money was raised by way of a charity football match organised by Blaine Robin who works at CCHQ.

Blaine phoned me after the flooding to see if there was anything he could do to help. He came up with the idea of a football match and as a result £200 was raised. The photo shows me handing the cheque over to the charity which is based in Beverley. Sincere thanks must go to Blaine and all those who took part.

In other news, I just got an e-mail from a friend I worked with in the states but haven't heard from for a while. He has now got back in touch thanks to this blog! I spent a year on work experience in the states when I was a student. I worked in politics which was great, especially because as I was paid by the Government, rather than a political party, and so I got to work with politicians of both parties. That was while Clinton was still President which seems an age ago!