Thursday, September 27, 2007

Building Support

I attended the freshers fair at Hull University yesterday to assist the Conservative Future group there who give such support to the target seats locally. We had a really encouraging number of people sign up including a couple of students who are from the Brigg and Goole constituency.
I'm really managing to build a strong local team and having just done an analysis of the responses to my most recent local mailing it is clear that we have some real momentum. What is really encouraging is that lots of our new volunteers are local residents who may not wish to join the party but who want to give me a hand.
It's fair to say that the local association needed some support and in just a few months I have already built a strong local team of friends, family and residents that should dwarf any effort the local party has been able to make in the past. Roll on the election!
I hear that a local Labour Party fundraiser held recently barely managed to get 30-40 people to attend! Our recent Brigg and Wolds fundraiser managed nearly three times that and that was just one ward branch! Our growing base locally probably explains why Labour have resorted to personal abuse as a way of attacking me.

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