Thursday, October 4, 2007

Labour to close 5 local Post Offices

As revealed in the local press this week, Labour are proposing to close the Post Offices in Eastoft, West Butterwick, Wroot, Reedness and Westfield Avenue in Goole.

I am 100% committed to fighting these closures and it is frankly a disgrace that our communities are to lose these vital resources. Our local Labour MP has implied that the reason our Post Offices are closing is local people's fault. More people might choose to use Post Offices if the Government hadn't stopped them offering services such as TV Licences or if they had allowed those who wanted to continue using pension books to do so.

I have launched a campiaign to save our Post Offices and I have already been around many of the areas that will suffer at the hands of Labour's Post Office closures. I wont let local people forget what this Government is doing to them and nor will local people let the local Labour MP off the hook on this one!

(Photos are of me at Eastoft and Westfield Avenue Post Offices)

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