Friday, October 5, 2007

Snap Election?

It must be awful to be Gordon Brown at any time, but even worse this weekend. I personally hope that there is a snap election but I am hearing rumours that one of the marginal MPs who has advised against an election may not be a thousand miles away from here!!

If he chooses to bottle it then he will not be forgiven by the people. If there is no election Brown will have exposed himself as one of the most cynical double dealers in politics. It will become clear that his aim all along was to try to use the threat of an election to wrong foot the Conservatives. In doing so he will have taken the British public as fools and our job will be to expose that cynicism.

Labour really are wrong to think people don't see through their cynicism and spin. Take Post Office closures, my opponent here is running around trying to give the impression that everything is OK and that it's not really Labour's fault that 5 more Post Offices will close. I am pleased to say that local people are cleverer than that. One local resident told me she thought it a damn cheek that he dared to appear in the paper claiming to oppose the closure of the Post Office in Westfield Avenue, Goole. I am pleased to say however that whilst he was posing for photos I was actually contacting local residents directly on this issue.

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